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Most are familiar with the phrase paying lip service to an ideal, which means verbally advocating an ideal without any real commitment or effort made beyond that lip service.  On the simplest level, one who pays lip service to an ideal is writing a check with his/her mouth which they have no intention to sign. 
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The USA was founded based upon two fundamental ideals: 
  • liberty and justice for all, & 
  • government of, by and for the people. 
    These two ideals are a contract between our government and us, the people of the USA.  Sadly, in the current state of affairs, our politicians, bureaucrats, and officials have stepped away from any serious commitment and effort to honor that contract. 
    They have sold their loyalties and so they are only paying lip-service2.us whenever they preach hypocritically about those ideals, usually doing so when they wish to be re-elected, re-appointed, or avoid incarceration for malfeasance so extreme that they were caught at it. 
    Liberty and Justice for All:  Our civil liberties have been eroded away.  Justice may be available, but only for those who have the incredible amounts of money needed to buy it and even then the deck is stacked.  As a result, the current legal system provides only the appearance of liberty and justice. 
    Government of, by and for the people:  Representation is available to those who have the money to buy it.  As a result, elections provide only the illusion of democracy. 
    So it can be seen that, through a continual process of corruption, the lofty ideals upon which the USA was founded have devolved to this: 
  • Liberty and Justice for BIG MONEY, & 
  • Government of, by and for BIG MONEY. 
    Q:  Who is BIG MONEY? 
    A:  Very wealthy individuals/families and large corporations. 
  • They have the money and they wield it to buy representation and to employ the justice system to keep what they have and to make more.  
  • Our country, our government, our lives and the future for the children have been sold to the highest bidder.  Those wielding BIG MONEY have become our new feudal lords. 
  • In the meantime, the BIG MONEY puppets in power, who have falsely sworn to serve the common good are only paying lip-service2.us 
    At the time of the founding, a guiding concept was that those who govern do so with the consent of the governed. 
    Did you consent to your own newfound serf-dom? 
    Will you allow yourself to be complicit in continuing it? 
    Or do you want to do something about it? 
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